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My nameCapriOne
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My City Ashburn
My CountryUnited States
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Why Are Your Here?

Lol yall are lining up in my message queue.. Maybe it has something to do with my profile pic?? Yall seem to like it a lot ;P
Cant blame ya though its my fav as well 🙂

Allright guys please get this part clear!!!
I am seeking a sexy man for a friends with benefits thing. I can chose from the lot of you but you ust have a lot of stamina!!!!!!
You must be well hung and not too much body hair..
You must be fit and strong..
Hvae big hands and big strong shoulders (those are a real turn on).
No virgins please!! I want a man with experience!

Oh and dont forget to be creative, I like that. Plus itll make you stand out between the couple of hundred message I receive :p