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My namecum2niju
My Gender Woman
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Member since  9 years

Why Are Your Here?

They say that Love Is Dead and tbh I am starting to believe that!
I'm 26 now and had one failed relationship after another.. And tbh I just got really tired of this crap. And all the stress and agony it causes.

It has gotten to a point where I'm now convinced that I really am better of being single..

And I mean that for the long run no boyfriend no marriage no nothing…
Just totally done feeling like I did the last 8 years or so. Relationships just tend to always get/let me down in the end.
So I thought why not just have casual fun, no strings, nothing serious no drama no bullshit no bad feeling afterwards..
So you can find me on a couple of dating sites and just looking for hot guys who are interested in hooking up every once in a while for casual fun nothing serious.

If interested send me a message… ohh btw I don't check my messages daily so give me sum time to reply plz