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Why Are Your Here?

hey I am a freespirited ebony female and love meeting different men. I guess relationshiops aren't for me cause I get bored with a guy pretty soon. Usually after a month or three or so.
I want to know if there are men out there who can keep me interested for more than 3 months.
That man would need to have pretty much the same interests as me i guess. And that man must know what he wants from life, really dont like men who still have no idea as to where they are going in life..
I think I have come to an age where I don't want to play games anymore. That includes being used by a man, although its mostly me using him cause im getting bored after a while…
Either way whatever we do we will need to mutually agree to it online before we could meet up in rl.
otherwise I will not participate…

Ok well let me know what you think and what your ideas r…