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My nameFarika
My Gender Woman
Looking forMan
Body TypeSlim
Hair ColorRed
My JobNone
My HobbiesBoxing
Drinkingbefore the club
Member since  5 years

Why Are Your Here?

I can be brief and straight forward, but I do not immediately want to sound rude or anything. But at this point I would really just like to be fucked by a guy untill i see stars and don't know my own name anymore…long, short, thick, thin … as long as you have a decent dick, I wont turn you down. I think it's not common for a woman to throw herself at the feet of men but i done with waiting, i want it now so grab your chance I would say.Send a message and get a response. Possibly with pictures if you'd like to have some. Just need some pictures and upload them on my profile …will do that asap