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Attractive woman, need workout partner/partners …. in gym and in bedroom. Really want to find a special woman or two for a special relationship. I am outgoing, caring, d/d/f and want to stay that way. Looking for secure men to be friends with as well as experimental, uninhibited, long lasting; likes sex a lot more than once a week or two……let's be honest guys, i need real chemistry; want men with passion; not looking here for marriage; but i know how i like it and kissing and oral sex are UNDERRATED!!!! be willing to take the time to learn what makes my body sing!!! just know that i need it and want it; a little romance is good too! Are there men that know they are doing available; please NO married men unless you want to be sugar daddy and have me at your beckandcall; want a man that can take care of my needs beyond 9-5.