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My namekessie
My Gender Woman
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My City Ashburn
My CountryUnited States
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Why Are Your Here?

My sex life is rubbish right now although I'm in a relationship. So I can be quite unobtrusive, lives in my personal state and am trying to find a guy who's pretty, hot, std free, capable to meet up once per week.
Be warned because I'll just play with this game by my own rules.
And guys who can't discover themselves in those rules please remove yourself from my profile cause we don't have anything to discuss.
I believe (hope) that we're all adults here, so that should allow it to be simple; cause when you don't agree with what I wrote you simply hit the back button and be gone.
Don't be beginning a childish fight please that's not so mature.
Its like when you turn down some guys. At first they were brought, but as soon as I turn you down I am a bitch, fat and awful and all that?
Please, learn the best way to handle don and reject ' t!

Will be posting more of my hot new bikini shortly…