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My namesuzanneflowers
My Gender Woman
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My Age21
My City Ashburn
My CountryUnited States
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Why Are Your Here?

I am new kinda new to this whole online dating thingie. this site is free of charge so thats a good opportunity to give it a try first.
See if this is any fun.
Anyway I love to chat and I love eroticism. I love to talk about sex to get in the right mood.

I have long auburn hair. I have a tan line and nice 30c boobs. Yes im touching them just for you ;-))
I would prefer to stay with my own race. SOrry but i just aint into black guys that much..and no i aint no racist but when some black dudes walk around with their jeans on their ankles and their boxershort hanging out, they just look like a bunch of douchebags.. Sorry but that aint for me..
If this bothers you for me to say that then you aren't right for me anyways.